Taking natural thyroid is different to other supplements. You can skip taking your B-complex for a week, no problem but try this with your thyroid supplement and all hell breaks loose. Your body has become accustomed to the extra thyroid and going up or down in your dose requires careful management. Running out unexpectedly can be extremely stressful, and for this reason it is very important to plan ahead and stay in control of your dose.

When ordering a natural thyroid supplement online like Thyrovanz, there are some extra considerations to keep in mind – primarily these are 1) When to place an order, and 2) What are the potential issues receiving an order.

When should I re-order?

USA – Most customers living in the US will receive their Thyrovanz order within a week (some even a few days) as all shipments are sent from New Jersey. However, weekends, Federal holidays, and postal delays can all affect this. There is also the small (but real) possibility that the package may become lost or damaged along the way, so for this reason it is best to order well in advance of when your current supply will run out.  We recommend re-ordering at least 1 month before this happens, so if anything does go wrong, we have plenty of time to fix it.

International – For customers outside of the US, delivery of Thyrovanz can take anywhere from 5 days to over a month and there are many factors that can affect this. Sometimes a shipment will just go from one delay to another and often the tracking is poor or nonexistent so you are left guessing as to when your order will arrive. We know that 99% of non-US orders will be delivered successfully (eventually), but some will face substantial delays before arriving. For this reason, it is best to consider ordering 2 months before you run out of your current supply. This allows time in case there is a delay and extra time in case the order needs to be re-sent to you.

Will a customs agency seize or send back my natural thyroid order?

One of the issues with buying natural desiccated thyroid online is that the regulation around this product varies substantially from one country to the next, and it can be very difficult to know what is allowed and what is not ahead of time. After years of experience, we find that most countries will allow individual customers to import natural thyroid even if the product is more tightly regulated locally, although the list of countries that restrict imports of natural thyroid is growing.

Which countries can Thyrovanz be sent to?

We will ship anywhere in the world unless there is a proven issue receiving orders (see shipping page). For example, when buying natural thyroid, Australia and New Zealand have stricter regulation than the US regarding the sale of natural thyroid supplements, however, customers will rarely have issues when ordering their supply from overseas. Whereas customers in the UK can order, and receive successfully their natural thyroid, but they will be charged VAT (sales tax), and often an extra fee for delivery which makes the whole process more expensive and time consuming.

An important note: The regulations around the importation of natural supplements (or simply the way existing regulations are interpreted) can change at any time, and the trend unfortunately is more restriction, not less. For this reason, it is very important to plan your dosage needs well in advance, and keep in mind alternative sources so you always have a plan B.